Steampunk Spectacle: Journey to the Center of the Earth

“Steampunk” describes a creative way to celebrate the wild and wonderful Victorian-era imagination as if it never stopped! It’s “punk” because of its fun rebellion against the internet-based reality that dominates our current lives, and it’s “steam” since it takes its cue from the boiler-driven world of the 19th century. In many ways, present-day society owes more to the Victorian Period–a time of sweeping technological transformation and scientific exploration–than any other era.


The Victorian drive toward discovery inspires our “Journey to the Center of the Earth” theme, taking inspiration from Jules Verne’s novel.  Verne used his imagination to blend scientific fact with fantastic speculation during an era when geologists were discovering that the Earth was far older than suspected. Newspapers during this time were filled with stories about people exploring the sediments beneath the surface with pickaxes to take us back in time, revealing unwritten parts of our planet’s history!

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