Moving around your book covers

I often hear people ask if they can have their book covers on the left-hand side of the search results list. This is one of the aspects of Koha 2.x that some people miss. Because the search results are in a table, you can’t simply change something in the CSS to move the images to the other side of the screen. Without changing the template itself, what can we do?

Usually my response is live with it, but it occurred to me yesterday that jQuery could handle this:

$(".searchresults tr td:last-child").each(function () {

After the standard leading “(document).ready” stuff, the script starts by looking for elements inside anything with a class “searchresults.” That’s a <div> that surrounds the search results table. We’re looking for any <td> which is the “last child” of a <tr>. That is, the last table cell in each table row. jQuery’s each() function lets us loop over each instance of those last-child <td>’s that we find and perform some action on it.


This is the action we’re performing for each <td> our script matches. “$(this)” is how we identify the matched <td>. Then we use the prependTo() function to “cut” that <td> and “paste” it at the beginning of the row. Notice the element we’re prepending to is “$(this).parent().” parent() selects the element which “contains” $(this): <tr> contains <td>, so we’re moving our <td> to the beginning of the row.

Paste the script into your opacuserjs system preference and try a search. It works in my test, but don’t take my word for it. Test carefully and let me know if you see any problems with it.

1 thought on “Moving around your book covers

  1. Mark Osborne

    Thanks for this. I must admit that my brain is so ‘Amazon-ised’ that I prefer the dust jacket on the left-hand side of the search results page. Good to see it’s such a simple fix.

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