Customizing your additional search options: future reference

Update: Nicole recently submitted a patch which will make this entry obsolete. Read on if you’re curious about the jQuery involved, but otherwise look forward to custom further searches in Koha 3.2.

Now that you’re happily (or at the very least, somewhat tediously) customizing your additional search links, your future is bright and worry-free, right? Not quite. I submitted a patch recently to the Koha project which makes a change to the OPAC template, altering the way the additional searches are displayed. Instead of showing all the search links by default, in Koha 3.2 the links will be hidden and displayed in a drop-down menu.

Click "More searches" to display a menu

Click "More searches" to display a menu

Why the change? To conserve screen real estate. Some libraries were finding that with lots of data in the holdings table, and lots of options in the menu which includes the additional search links, content was overlapping and becoming unreadable. Here’s an example from the Koha bug report:

Click to enlarge screenshot

Click to enlarge screenshot

My change to the template alleviates the problem in two ways: by collapsing the additional search links, and by hiding the left-hand navigation menu on this page. The latter decision may generate some heat. I felt it was a fair trade-off in order to have a non-broken display, but if others disagree I hope I’ll hear about it.

Coping with change

What does this mean for those of us who have customized their search links? Luckily, only a few changes to the code we covered previously:

[sourcecode language=”javascript”]

var orig = $(“#catalogue_detail_biblio h1”).remove(“span”).html();
var regexp = new RegExp (““, “gi”);
var title = orig.replace(regexp,””);
$(“#furtherm ul”).append(“

  • “);


    There’s only a couple of changes to note:

    First, the HTML element we’re appending a list item to has changed to “#furtherm ul.” That identifies the list which is being used to construct the menu.

    Second, there are some additional classes being added along with our list item. The classes are there so that the additional list item is styled properly along with the other menu items. The new menu is being created using YUI’s Menu component.

    If you’re running the most recent development version of Koha, you can try the revised JavaScript. Here’s the result:

    Our custom link has been added to the menu

    Our custom link has been added to the menu

    If you’re not running the most recent development version, bookmark this page for later reference. When your Koha installation gets updated, you’ll need to revise your script!

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