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Nearing Koha 3.2

It has been six months since my Preparing for Koha 3.2 post! It’s been a while, but a lot of progress has been made. If my Bugzilla query is correct, we’ve resolved almost 200 bug reports in that time. Over 1000 commits have been made to Koha’s code repository for version 3.2. We’ve released two Alphas and a Beta. As of today we still have some “blocker” bugs, meaning bugs which are so severe that they must be fixed before an official release.

Yesterday we had one of our monthly Koha General Meetings on the #koha IRC channel and our 3.2 Release Manager Galen Charlton stuck his neck out and made this promise: “In no event will general release happen later than the general meeting next month.”

Let the final sprint begin!