An update on Recent Comments

It’s been far too long since my last post. I’m happy to say that my Recent Comments feature didn’t take quite so long to get incorporated into Koha, although it wasn’t until recently that it was obvious it was there. The page itself made it into Koha in a commit in December 2010, and was in Koha 3.2.3. What it lacked was a link in the interface pointing to the page, so you had to know where it was to get to it. This problem was fixed in a commit in October of this year which adds a new system preference, , which controls whether a link to the recent comments view should appear in the OPAC’s search bar. The option will be available to users of Koha 3.6.

A long an roundabout path, but hopefully a useful feature.

1 thought on “An update on Recent Comments

  1. chitrakshi manchanda

    i have inserted the the values of koha field…
    how can i see them from the main menu ….?


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