Adding a custom header to Koha 3’s OPAC

In the last post I covered customizing the Koha logo in the OPAC. Now let’s look at another way to change the look of your OPAC, the opacheader system preference.

The opacheader system preference lets you embed custom markup within the structure of OPAC pages. It controls the area of the page above the persistent blue search bar and below the menu at the top that contains login information (either “Log in…” or “Logged in as…”):

[sourcecode language=’html’]

4 thoughts on “Adding a custom header to Koha 3’s OPAC

  1. Omeluzor Saturday U.

    What I read above is very interesting. Our Library at Babcock University, Nigeria is looking forward to adopt KOHA as our LMS, but we find it difficult getting across in some areas, such as: entering data, effecting change on the image and customizing the header. I will be glad if I can get solution to these issues.

    Waiting to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    Omeluzor, Saturday U.
    Syst. Admin


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