Get ready to read

Get Ready To Read

Sharing books with your baby or young child is one of the most important things you can do to help your child Get Ready To Read.

Early literacy is helping your child enjoy books and be aware of printed words and language before it is time to learn to read. You know your child best and can choose the right time of day to make sharing books FUN. If you or your child is tired, wait and try again at another time.

Read. Talk. Sing. Laugh.

Focus on having a pleasurable experience with your child rather than on teaching. Encourage your child to comment on stories and pictures. Ask questions that spark conversation. Children who grow up in homes where parents talk with them and encourage them to talk have an edge over children who hear very little language. Enjoy rhyming books and books with song lyrics. Make up silly songs and rhymes. Children who play with sounds of words before they enter school are better prepared to learn to read.

No memorization, no flashcards, no workbooks and no drills are necessary