Dear Library: From Yu-Shin

7th grade

Dear Library,

I love libraries! (All hail Benjamin Franklin who invented the first library!) In fact I like them so much, instead of attending my brother’s baseball games, my parents, knowing how much I like libraries, will drop me off at the library closest to the baseball fields while they watch my brother play baseball. I also love reading because it can let you dive into a whole other world, when in reality you’re in the cozy environment of the library. I really appreciate how the librarians at the Athens Public Library work so hard to make the people inside of it feel right at home. Like how they supply comfortable chairs, air conditioning (a relief in the heat of the summer!), lots of new books, interesting art exhibits, and plenty of fun activities to choose from. My favorite activity is the Book Sale which gives me a chance to stock up on “new” books. I’ve been to many different libraries but my favorite library will always be the Athens Public Library!