Dear Library: From Yu-Shiang

7th grade

Dear Library,

There’s something great about every library. Do you know what that is? It has books! And an awesome library like one from the Athens County Public Libraries has bonuses: A welcoming atmosphere, amiable librarians, a nice inventory of books, and cozy spots to plop down and read. The library isn’t just a good place to read, it’s also an excellent place to chat with friends, use the computer, join free activities, or just to enjoy the air conditioning and unwind. My sister and I sometimes even have drawing lessons there! Once I’ve scanned the shelves and found a good book, I sit in my favorite spot and let myself fall into another world. I can be watching Katniss Everdeen gracefully fire an arrow with deadly accuracy, be scuba diving over coral reefs, or find myself on July 1, 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg. While I’m completely engulfed in my book, my mom would sneak up on me, tap my shoulder, and tell me it’s time to leave. So I’d reluctantly pack up my books, check them out, and leave. That’s why having a library card is so awesome. If you don’t finish your book, it’s okay, because you can just bring your “other world” stored in a compact thing called a “book” home with you. The best thing the Athens County Public Libraries did to me was probably getting me started on baseball. So how in the world can a library teach someone baseball? Well, let’s say it’s a long story so brace yourself. Right now, I’m a relatively good baseball player considering (I don’t mean to brag) I got on the Allstar team every year I’ve played baseball. Getting on the team the first year was hardest because I had no clue how to play baseball. So one day, my mom came home from the Athens Public Library loaded with books and DVDs. They were all about hitting, fielding, and pitching. So I watched them over and over again and I stood in front of the TV swinging a wooden rod or throwing a rubber baseball. Afterwards, I’d go to the Sandlot and practice with my dad. Then I’d repeat this. Day in, day out. Practice, practice, practice. Over and over again. So I improved from bench warmer to pitcher. Then the coaches came in to fine tune my skills. Well, I still wasn’t the best but I was still good enough to get on the Allstars. When I realized I had made the team, I was super-duper happy. So I thank the Athens County Public Libraries for making me a much better ballplayer than I ever would be and for being the best place to hang out!