Dear Library: From Wendy

Warrior poet

Dear Library,

Even before I pushed open your double doors, I was in love. I had already been seduced by the perfume of your inky paper, the gleam of freshly printed spines, the elegance of leather covers and gold–deckled pages. All these years later, I still feel as if I am coming home when I walk into your airy spaces lined with books. I love the way light falls through your tall windows, and I even enjoy the sound of clicking computer keyboards — although I have to say that I do miss running my fingers through your card catalogue. Here in Athens, the way you decorate your walls and cabinets with art treasures gives my visits with you an extra dimension of discovery and delight.

I have had many wonderful poetry experiences under your roof: starting of course with books I have found, continuing with participation in writing groups, teaching classes, giving and attending readings… My dear friend Molly and I cooked up a fabulous collaboration right at your front desk! Remember Library Friend Jamie Tevis? I know that her humor– and poetry–loving spirit happily haunts the stacks and meeting room.

I hope that you will continue to thrive, dear Library. I will always love you.

Your devoted friend,