Dear Library: From Tracy

4-H Advisor

Dear Library,

We have the best library system! I use both the Albany/Wells and the Athens Branch. The staff of the Athens branch helped me and the kids of our 4h group with our pervious booth projects. A few years ago the theme was based on History of the Athens County Junior Fair. The staff in the Athens location helped us with a book on the History of Athens County that had wonderful stories and pictures in it. We used this book to make our time-line that centered our booth. They also assisted the kids with finding old newspaper articles they could print. Our booth had many people reading and asking questions. I am sure that the book we checked out and told others about became popular for those who wanted to look at the history of the county. I love having the access to such a wealth of information and assistance from the great staff. Thank you for your help each and every time we need it!!

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