Dear Library: From Teena

Nurse and teacher

Dear Library,

I can still remember 46 years ago when I learned to read. I have had books all my life and they are treasured. Growing up, we lived 10 miles from the closest library in Peebles, Ohio. In 5th grade I had a homework assignment to visit a library, which I had never done. My parents each Saturday drove to town early in the morning to go shopping and I began to go to the libraryevery week after that homework assignment. 

I have NEVER met a librarian who was not wonderful, loving and so passionate about their jobs! I have had the honor of getting to know librarians in Athens, The Plains, Nelsonville and Coolville as I have moved around Athens County. My latest (and final!) move was three years ago to Coolville. The library is the epicenter for the town and a wonderful tribute to the spirit of life in a small close-knit community. Roxanne is an amazing person and makes everyone who walks in the front door feel like family. I am convinced Heaven will have an amazing library with the latest mystery reserved for me…oh wait, I have that right now in Coolville!


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