Dear Library: From Sherri


Dear Library,

What’s funny here is that I work in a library, then I go to the library again for fun on the weekend. Public Libraries have a whole different vibe than academic libraries, and Athens has that good vibe in spades. I’m one of those readers with 3 or 4 books going at any one time: one in the car, one by the bed, one on the table, plus a daily devotional. I listen to audio books during my commute; I’ve always gobbled them up just about as fast as you can afford to buy them, and then, voila! Audio books on my phone! Audio books on my Kindle! Audio books I can keep! The wonders never end. Even as techno as I am, it’s hard to keep up with you. Sweet rest for my reader’s soul. Thank, library, you are incredibly good to me. Sherri

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