Dear Library: From Sarah


Dear Library,

I remember vividly the first time my mother took me to the Wells library for the special program: river dancing. I was amazed that such programs were held at the library after being taught all my life that libraries were quiet places — for reading only. 

That day changed my views oflibraries and reading forever. I was addicted to not only reading but every program at the library. Now that I am a teacher, I encourage my students to visit the library regularly. I share information on upcoming programs, contests, etc. and I strive to create the same love of reading in them that the library brought to me. I do not have children, but I bring my neighbor’s children to the library summer events and can honestly say the library is one of their favorite places to visit. With all of the improvements being made, the library continues to grow in its abilities to serve a wide population of people. I can’t imagine knowing a person who could not find something useful at the library!!


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