Dear Library: From Roxanna


Dear Library,

My love of libraries began when I visited the library at Chauncey Elementary in first grade. I just could not get over soooo many books available for me! Believe me, when you have four brothers and sisters in the house, you need some quiet time alone. I spent mine reading. I think I read every horse and dog book the library had to offer. My mom would also take us to the BIG library in Chauncey with its wonderful windows and wood floors. Lois would try to convince me that there were other topics than horses or dogs, but I had yet to discover them. I relished the quiet, the card catalog, and Lois was one of the nicest ladies I have ever known. Fast forward a few years, I moved to Coolville and had children, but never lost the love of reading. Especially when the bookmobile was due to arrive in town! Much better than the OVAL book service. It was crowded with its narrow isle, but brought such delight. When my children were older, we attended the book camp program in town. Imagine my shock when I encountered one of my best friends that I had not seen in years! We reconnected and enjoyed many years of good times until her passing last year. I now work for the library system and I believe that this job has been my calling in life. I have worked in a bakery, a day care, a manufacturing plant, and in construction with my husband. All have been fulfilling in their own way, but the library has been different. I feel that I can and do make a difference in my community. It has introduced me to many wonderful people that I would not have otherwise met. It has stretched the boundaries on what I thought I could accomplish. It has given me a chance to “pay it forward” after having so many people help and believe in me since childhood. So…thank you library for introducing me to magical worlds, old friends and the best community and co-workers a girl from Sugar Creek could ask for.

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