Dear Library: From Patti

English teacher

Dear Library,

At the age of six, I got my first library card in Memphis, Tennessee. After that, my mother used to drop me off every Friday, or on her way to the grocery store, or as needed. It was a sacred ritual for me then, and remains so to this day. However, my absolute best memory of a librarywas when I worked for the Athens County Libraries.

Nothing in the world tops driving a bookmobile, except, of course, reading a great book. They actually paid me to listen to books on tape while driving around the beautiful county. I got to go to peoples’ houses who really appreciated the service. Freshly baked pies, fruit from the orchards, or vegetables from the gardens were unexpected, yet welcome bonuses from the library members on the routes. When working in the stacks at the main branch, it was possible to sneak peeks into many different kinds of fiction and non-fiction: I might never have had the opportunity to look at these materials had I not worked there. And then, there was interacting with the really cool staff – another blessing. I could go on forever, but don’t want to exceed the limit. I still can’t believe they paid me for doing what I had always dreamed of. Those silly people didn’t seem to know that I would have done it all for free! THANK YOU!

Lots of Love, Patti

P.S. I am probably not eligible to win anything, but wanted to show my appreciation.