Dear Library: From Pamela

retired teacher

Dear Library,

When The Plains Library first opened years ago, I donated 29 years of National Geographic with an index to help get them started. I don’t take out very many books, but when I did a workshop on the American Civil War (for a local group of Civil War buffs a few years ago), I was able to obtain a bibliography of related books at all the Athens County libraries. 

I did take several books to the workshopand it helped participants realize that there were many books available on the American Civil War. In recent years I have used the county library website to access census and other genealogy records in doing work on my family history. I have found many censuses and books online although I am not a native of the area. A librarian in Nelsonville found a couple of pictures relating to my boyfriend’s family–he was raised in Hocking County–and that was a special find for him. Our county library system has so much in books, ebooks, etc.–and the regular book sales at the Athens location the second Saturday each month have been a special date for me. Use your library! Pam


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