Dear Library: From Pam


Dear Library,

The Athens Public Library is where my son and I spend a lot of time. Where we live we cannot get WiFi connection. We spend time at the library on the internet and reading books and newspapers. We get our movies and books at the library. It is much cheaper than trying to rent or buy movies and books. Especially at this time, money is tight and we do what we canto survive. W

e cut corners where we can. The library is our favorite place to hang out and talk to others that we have met over the years. Sometimes you may not remember a name but a face. The people that work at the library are so kind and helpful to all. If there are people out there that do not go to the public library, they don’t know what they are missing. There is something to do for all people of all ages. Even the little ones love hanging out at the library. There are many kids to play with and toys to play with. The library is my favorite place — make it yours, too!


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