Dear Library: From Nikki


Dear Library,

I got my first library card as a kid when The Plains library first opened. I didn’t use it much until about 5 years ago. I was going to the library regularly until about a year ago when I started having some health problems & was told I can’t drive for awhile. Now that I have to depend on others to drive me it’s not as easy to go every other day. The staff at the libraries are flexible & nice enough to let me put books on hold & have different family members pick them up for me when I am not able to make it. I visit the Chauncey library very often & take my youngest child with me – he loves visiting the library. It’s a very kid-friendly place & when the kids are out of school you see more kids at the library than you do at the park. I would recommend getting a library card & visiting your local library, it’s a nice place to not only read but to make new friends.

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