Dear Library: From Mike


Dear Library,

I started a journey from Los Angeles to Athens when a Buddist nun needed help relocating to begin a three-year retreat.  Being from Indianapolis, I jumped at the opportunity to return to the midwest.  While helping set up the retreat house, I learned that a volunteer for the library’s upcoming booksale had backed out at the last minute.  Sensing a need, I asked what was required.  Of course I can lift boxes!  That got me a ride to the Athens library in time to help with setting up, opening, keeping up with organizing, and even going out to put up signs.  There were many volunteers as well as a huge showing by the community in support of the library.  I was happy to help and delighted to see for myself how much of an impact this institution has on the wide range of people it serves with its broad spectrum of services.  And yes, I did take advantage of that sale when I came across a book in like-new condition by my favorite author, Dick Francis. 




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