Dear Library: From Matthew

6th grade

Dear Athens Library,

All the Athens Librarians are my Aunts and Uncles! Let me explain. My Dad is in the Air Force and my nearest relatives are 8 hours away. The Librarians have become like a second family to me because they are the friendly and familiar faces that I look forward to seeing on a weekly basis. I enjoy talking with the Librarians; in fact, I know all of them by name. I am very comfortable asking the Librarians for help in finding whatever I am searching for at the library. The Library is my favorite spot to learn new and exciting things. For example, one day I was talking with one of my friends and we started to talk about beekeeping. When I went home I thought about doing it myself but I needed more information, so I went to the library. Now, because of the library, I am an official beekeeper! My library card is my most prized possession in my wallet. It is what enables me to check out my favorite books, and if you can’t find a book at the Athens Public Library, you can make a reservation and get the book from another local Library. If the book is super cool or important you can make a purchase suggestion, and the Library may purchase it! I use the library all the time. It has also taught me to love to read, so much in fact, that I am teaching my younger brothers and sister to read. Thank you Athens Public Librarians for such great learning experiences! Sincerely, Matthew

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