Dear Library: From Marilyn


Dear Library,

When I was ready to switch careers, I thought about what I would like to do. Suddenly it came to me – I loved libraries and that was where I wanted to work. I was fortunate enough to land such a job, with the Athens County library system.
One of my favorite moments was after being the one and only librarian at Coolville, I found myself face to face with a young patron at the grocery store. He said excitedly “You’re the library!” And I realized that I was The Library, to him. It has kept me on my toes, to live up to being the face of the institution.
So many days at work, now at the Athens branch, I realize what an impact we have on our many patrons who come here, some every single day. A smile and welcome from one of us could be a high moment, for a lonely person. I especially love welcoming those who look a bit lost, and who, perhaps have rarely come to such a place and might feel overwhelmed. It’s wonderful to help them, or anyone, find something they were looking for. When they thank me, I say “We’re glad to be useful!” I indeed feel lucky to be part of such a great endeavor- to provide information (and entertainment) to the people.