Dear Library: From Maria

Social Worker

Dear Library,

I got my first library card when I was in grade school. My mom would take me to the library, where I would check out more books than I could carry by myself. I always read all my books. Sometimes, in the summer, I would sit in the house, reading all day while my brothers and sisters were outside playing. I loved reading then, and I love reading now. 

I wish I could rememberthe name of the book that I read where there was a song. There was no tune to the words but I made up my own tune, and I used to sing the song when I walked to school and back. Books helped me to grow and to learn about other people different than me — people who weren’t as lucky as me. I guess that is why I became a Social Worker. Books also gave me a way to dream, and took me to lands of fantasy. They still do. Now, I listen to audio books on my long drive to work. I am grateful for you, Dear Library, because you help me to keep learning and dreaming.

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