Dear Library: From Margaret

Social Work

Dear Library,

When I was a child, my mother took me to the library faithfully every Saturday. I would get to sit under the Dr. Seuss characters that looked larger than life to me. I would choose a bagfull of books, and we would head out. It was the highlight of my week, and would dive into those books with fury. I couldnt wait to share my love for the library with my children, hoping they too would love the feel of a book in their hands. My daughter was born in 2004 with Down Syndrome. 

I never thought I would be ableto share my love of reading with her…but, when she was a mere 4 months old we went to Athens to storytime…we were welcomed, she was loved, and as she grew, and we went to the library at least 4 times a week, she DID grow to love books…and the atmosphere that made her just another kid learning and playing. The storytimes for us gave an opportunity to socialize, to learn, and to hear stories that stimulated her mind. I am greatful for the oppotunities and openess that the Athens library has to offer us…she is now almost a second grader and reads…really reads, anything and everything she can get her hands on…I think the time spent in the library opened her eyes and her mind to the amazing adventure that reading can be! Thank you ACPL…

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