Dear Library: From Loralen

Mrs. Ohio Beauties of the Nation/Mentor

Dear Library,

My husband used to write poetry and draw for people to make ends meet, and he did very well. About 3 years ago we moved here to Athens and started coming to the library. Instantly, we felt at home here and got to know the staff so well. About a little over a year ago my husband had to have surgery on his left arm, which so happened to be his dominate hand, to correct some nerve damage. The surgery went wrong and he has had a long recovery which he is still in. He couldn’t even write his name without terrible pain. He wanted to do his poetry again but was finding it impossible to do in his condition, he had given up. My husband talking to Todd finally let Todd read some of his poetry and with his encouragement he has finally started to try and work through the pain to write again. He can only do a few words at a time before the pain gets too much but he is starting to feel the spark again I can see it in his eyes when he is trying. So that is why we love our library.

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