Dear Library: From Leona

Prevention Specialist

Dear Library,

My love of books started when I was 12 years old. I know that seems like a little late to find a love for books, but I grew up with a reading disability. The saying “practice makes perfect” is certainly true. I got my first library card at the Nelsonville library during the summer of 1984. Mom signed me up for it in hopes that I would find some books that I may enjoy reading. To her horror, I found those books in the romance area rather then the children’s/teen area. I remember the first book I checked out, it took me 2 months to read the whole thing, but I loved it. Every book after that first one seemed to improve my reading until I no longer had any reading problems. Thanks to the local library for helping me find my love of books. I would have missed out on many wonderful stories throughout the years!

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