Dear Library: From Laura


Dear Library,

I remember the first library I went to was in Berea, Ohio. In second grade, I had to have my sister accompany me when we rode the 3 miles to it. By third grade, I was allowed to ride alone. I was a voracious reader, but some of my favorite books were The Borrowers, a series by Mary Norton, which are still in print. When we moved to Lake County, Ohio, we quickly found the Morley Library. It had a small, but mighty reference section that helped with the approximately 100 obscure questions our high school chemistry teacher gave us as a substitute for a final exam. By eighth grade, I had discovered historical fiction and enjoyed reading Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes. Most recently, I have been using both The Plains and the Athens Public Libraries. I was researching genealogy at the Athens Library and found the ship manifest showing a great grandfather’s arrival in 1872. Since other passengers had occupations listed in English, I was puzzled by the occupation listed for him: “schneider.” Knowing that one of the librarians spoke German, I asked if he knew what it meant, and was delighted that he knew the translation. My great grandfather was a tailor, and one more tiny fact was added to our family history!

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