Dear Library: From Lanna


Dear Library,

About five years ago a single mother with four children came into the library looking for help. Discouraged and scared about going back to school, she was reluctant to type her first college paper because she did not know anything about using the computer. With encouragement, I helped her with computer basics and I told her if she came in every morning to the library I would show her what she needed to know. At the end of her first semester, she returned to tell me she handed in her first paper created on the computer and she earned an A. That first year of school she continued to come in the Athens Public library when she needed help. This past December, she stopped by the desk and she reminded me I helped her to format her first paper on the computer. She said without my help she would not have continued in school. I told her facing her fears and perseverance helped her get where she could accomplish anything in order to support her children. She wanted to let me know she did graduate from college. Then the college hired her and she has worked for them for the past two years. The best news was she wanted to let me know she had interviewed for her dream job with the US Government and was hired. She said, “This is going to be the best Christmas, because a short time ago I did not think possible to accomplish my goals and all it took was an encouraging word and some computer help”. By coming into the library and asking for help, this single mother has overcome numerous obstacles to accomplish her goal of finding a way to support her children and changing her life. Every day librarians touch people’s lives and make a difference. –Lanna

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