Dear Library: From Kelly


Dear Library,

The library has been a wonderful resource for my children. All 3 attended Preschool Storytime with Lois. My oldest daughter graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Linguistics,which I firmly believe is largely due to her beginning love of books, strongly supported by this library system. 

When my youngest daughter turned 3, she was given a book bag lovingly made by her older sisters — complete with her very own library card. It was an exciting gift for her even at that young age. Every year on the first day of summer break, she visits the library to get her first stack of reading for the summer. There’s no bigger gift you can give to your kids than to start reading with them at an early age. Thanks to the library, I was able to provide endless hours of fun and entertainment to them at no cost, which was the perfect price for a one income family. Thanks!


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