Dear Library: From Jennifer

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Dear Library,

Mine is a library family. When I was a small child my aunt began her career as a children’s librarian in the southern Ohio town near our family farm. My mother followed her in that position and later retired as the director of the same library.

 My grandmotherworked in libraries in Columbus. I grew up helping to shelve books, attending all the library programs, and visiting libraries in cities across the country. While living in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia I discovered with dismay that not all states support their libraries as well as Ohio. These metropolitan libraries gave me a greater appreciation not only for the support that libraries receive in Ohio, but also for the familiar pleasantries to be found in my small town library. When I came to Athens for graduate school it seemed natural to seek part-time employment at the public library. Little did I know then that would be where I would meet the librarian with whom I would share the next chapters of my life. Now our children feel at home in the library.

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