Dear Library: From Erica

Human Resource Specialist

Dear Library,

For the past seven months, my Nook and I have been inseparable; I prefer to spend my free time reading, so I like to be prepared when those precious, free moments pop up in my day. I say we “were” inseparable because one week ago, in my attempt to find a quiet place to read on my lunch break, my Nook sadly met an untimely death when it was tragically ran over by a vehicle. I see now that sitting in our work parking lot was not the best decision on my part.

 I’m sure you can imagine my devastation whenI discovered that there was no way to save it; my e-library was lost to me. The first thought to enter my mind was, “How am I supposed to read now?!” I had already read all the books I own, and I now would need to save up money for a new Nook, so I did not want to purchase books at the store. I spent the next few days moping about my loss, until I came across my long-lost library card while cleaning out my wallet. I hadn’t taken the time to visit the library in a very long time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see I still had it. The discovery of my card prompted me to visit the library again, in search of books and a safer, quiet place to read. I’m still a huge fan of the Nook, and I hope to replace my broken one soon, but this tragedy reminded me that my world of fantasy, fact and fiction will never truly be ripped away from me: the library will always be there to save the day.


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