Dear Library: From Dave


Dear Library,

Instead of writing a story for you (since you already hold so many wonderful tales), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your many gifts. From the small, somewhat shy boy I once was, I would like to thank Frodo and Samwise for showing me that bravery has no size requirement. The adolescent I once was sends thanks to the likes of Arthur and his noble knights for showing that there are many adventures to be had. My teenage years were spent on far away worlds such as Dune, the desert planet, or on the 1890’s streets of London with Sherlock and Dr. Watson. A strange combination, I know, but I was a teenager. During these times I learned about life, love and myself. I’m sorry to say that as a young man I strayed for awhile. Busy with, and distracted by, life I guess. So this time, thank you for your patience with me. You always knew I would come back around. My middle-aged self would like to thank you in all of your roles – teacher, role model, support group and friend.

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