Dear Library: From Cindy


Dear Library,

As a new first grader nearly 60 years ago, I was nervous because all the kids had gone to kindergarten and I hadn’t. I couldn’t read, and unknown to any of us at the time, I was colorblind. Imagine my dismay when the kids would laugh when I would color the sky purple and the grass red.

 A very kind and wise teacher advised my mother at the end of the year, to “take Cindy to the library and have her read read read all summer”. Every Friday night without fail we would go to the local library, and as I entered its beloved stacks of wonderful books, it was like entering a magic kingdom. The next school year, same kids, different teacher, I got the highest scores on the Weekly Reader reading tests. No one could have guessed I was the same student! To this day the smells of the books at the library make me smile. It is still a magical place!

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