Dear Library: From Chad


Dear Library,

I have always said that I can live anywhere provided that the place has a great library, a bike path, and has high-speed Internet. When we moved to Athens five years ago, I was so delighted to find the Athens Library, and not just because I can find all three things in one place! I have always been impressed by the passion and dedication of the staff at the library, they know their community and they love sharing their love of books. I wish I knew more of them by name other than Mary and Renard so that I could specifically comment on my interaction with the staff at the library. To a person, they have been friendly, they have been helpful, they have helped steer me towards books I might like and they have been wonderful to me and my entire family. I love the selection at the Athens library, from the eclectic graphic novel collection to the wide variety of music and audio books to the wonderfully diverse selection of books available on the shelves; going to the library is an adventure. And whereas I tend to look at the sections of the genres that I love, part of the fun is wandering to the other sections to see what is on the shelves. I also love the place that the library has in the community. It is a place where the community comes together, whether it is for the different clubs, a community meeting, Story Time for the kids, or the book sale. I was so impressed at what the Library did during the recent power outage. The Library opened up and offered a safe, cool place for families to be to beat the heat, get water, and to get online to take care of business and communicate. This was done during hours and days that the Library was not usually open. This was such a kind thing to do and showed such concern for the community and showed such class, that I have nothing but kind words, respect, and support for the Athens Library.

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