Dear Library: From Cassandra

8 grade

Dear Library,

I love going to the library to find new books everyday. Recently I found out how to use audio books, I always listen to the books on my way to gymnastics. Everyday my brothers and I ride to the library to spend time reading books. I also love going to the library because of the people who work there. 

Mrs. Betty is one person who always helps mefind books and explain things to me if I need help. When my family moved here and we first came to the library I didn’t know what to do at first.  Slowly all the workers have helped me become more comfortable coming to the library and checking out books.  When I first got my new library card, it was so exciting because I couldn’t wait to check out my first book from the library. I think everyone should have a library card so they can experience the fun in reading books and being at the library. There are so many books to choose from at the library, you will never get bored.  I know I don’t get bored at the library. I use the library for school sometimes to look for helpful information and to find the right resources. The library has helped me in many different ways.

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