Dear Library: From Brittany

Dear Library,

I have such fond memories of going to visit The Plains library each Saturday afternoon with my Grandma when I was a girl. She would allow me to check out books, and we would read them togetherevery evening that week. 

Also, she would be sure to take me to the special events at the library. What fun we had! I’ll never forget those memories, or the memory of the day I got my first library card. Oh, what a grand day that was, checking out books on my own! I am thankful to my Grandmother, and to all of the friendly, kind and helpful staff at The Plains Library who helped to shape my love for reading and for going to the library. I continue to go to the library often, now in Nelsonville, where everyone is equally friendly and helpful. I am thankful for the people here, and the large selection of books that is available, as I still love to read! Now, I have the joy of being able to take my sweet little nephew to the library where he loves to play and smile at everyone. He and I pick out books that I read to him at bedtime…the tradition beings again! Thank you, Dear Library, for being who you are and giving so much to us all!

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