Dear Library: From Betty

Children’s librarian

Dear Library,

My childhood began living outside of a small rural township, which is now a large sprawling suburb of Columbus. There were two special destinations for me within the village. One was Patrick’s general store where I could choose the candy for him to scoop up and bag for me. The other was the library. It was an ornate brick building and I loved walking up the stairs to the two large doors. Waiting for me inside the foyer was a large moose mounted upon the wall. I often wondered how he ended up in Pickerington, OH. More steps led to another set of doors that opened to a warm and beautiful library with Mrs. Boggs sitting there to greet me. I now realize the significance of the building as it was a Carnegie library. The whole library experience was very liberating for me as I was allowed to walk into town with my brother and younger sisters to visit, and I remember having plenty of time to just be there and look through books from the shelf to finally make my selections. I loved looking through non-fiction books. I confess that my memory is often fuzzy and is not one of my strongest assets, but I can close my eyes and see that library and the friendly face of Mrs. Boggs. I don’t remember any special programs or events; we were there for the books. As the community grew, I moved to other small communities and eventually followed my father’s roots to Southeast OH. The opportunity to work as a Children’s Librarian at The Plains and now also in Albany feels right as it connects that circle. My father was from Albany and the library sits below the old school that he once attended. I can’t tell my father directly about working in Albany but often smile and think, “Guess what, Dad, I’m a librarian in Albany!”  Thank you, Dear Library.

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