Dear Library: From Beth

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Dear Library,

My daughter is eight years old and recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Through the library, alone, I have learned so much about this condition. Before her diagnosis I had honestly never heard of it. So I knew I needed the library’s help. I have read more than4 books in the topic and fell in love with a few of the authors and began reading books from them.

 Without the library, I would have needed to rely on numerous websites and hoped that their information was correct. Other benefits to having my library card include expanding my personal library with purchases I’ve made from the library itself and by purchasing books online that I’d read from the library. I have attended more than 1 special event the library had planned for the summer and have learned a lot about benefits the library offers. Such benefits are free tax papers, computer and internet usage, and the rental of dvd’s, tapes, books on tape, and game system games. For some of these, you don’t need a library card, but without mine I never would have entered the library to find out about them. I greatly recommend getting a card for yourself!


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  1. One door opens the world.

    Walking through the door leads to other lands, other worlds, and other lives. There is no other source for information, entertainment, and learning as comprehensive as the library. Nor are there people more friendly, knowledgeable or helpful than the staff of our ACPL system.

    When someone asks me what an essential government service is, the first thing I think of is the library. I think I could give up all the rest as long as that door remains open.

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