Dear Library: From Anna

8th grade

Dear Library,

I love to read, it’s true. Sometimes I feel like it’s the only thing that rings true. At times I feel as if the world is crashing down on me. Or no one’s listening at all. At other times, it’s as if nothing I do is right. Life is hard – they all say life isn’t fair! Get used to it. Sometimes I feel like nothing is good enough. There are moments I feel fat, or ugly, or just not there, like there’s something I just dont get. At times like these all I have to do is pick up a book and slip into the world inside. 

Fairies, Goblins, Elves! All carry my troubles away, or else spaceships and deep sea creatures come to ship me off to some dark and dangerous plot. I’ll let you in on a secret: what got me through fights, divorces, deaths and the problems of life; tests, new friends, school, classes and more! Books. Books thatteach me the morals and give me the attitude I need to get through that test! Or the comfort I need when I lose someone I love. So when I go to the library I know that the people there are just like me! Finding that one book that will satisfy their need! Fiction, Non Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery – its all there! Hundreds of worlds waiting to be explored. The Library is amazing! Without the Library the little kids couldnt have Story Time before their naps. Lots of programs and events wouldn’t exist! The Library is an incredible thing because it does so much! And it gets almost no appreciation for the things it does. So, thanks a bunch!


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