Dear Library: From Andrea


Dear Library,

I grew up in the Athens County area and had the pleasure of bringing my son back here to live when he was two years old. I had lived away from the area for quite some time before that and needed a way to reconnect with the community and make new friends. We found the morning story time at the library to be the solution to both of those problems. Story time at the library was the highlight of my son’s week. At first, it wasn’t the attraction to the books and stories that delighted him, but the awesome toys that were at the library. He loved to go to the library to play with the wooden train set and puppets. The songs and activities were also a fun thing for him to do at story time. I enjoyed story time right a long with him and made friends with some of the other parents I met there. As he grew and started going to preschool, the library story time no longer fit into his schedule. We were thrilled to discover that his preschool walked to the library every other week and had their own special story time there. They had story time and activities at the library and were allowed to check out books. His interest in reading began to blossom. Over the years we’ve enjoyed story time, meeting characters like Clifford, and learning about snakes, thanks to the library programs. Now he is older, just about to start second grade, and is reading at a fourth grade reading level. He is very interested in books and still very much enjoys going to the library. I am so very thankful to the library for making all of these programs available to children and for making our trips to the library a special place in our hearts.

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