Dear Library: From Amber


Dear Library,

True life: I’m a librarian. My memories of the library go back as far as my mind’s eye can see. As a child, I grew up using the Patterson Library located in upper state New York. This particular library mimics a museum, fully complete with mysterious rooms full of secret archival information — all at my disposal. Me, my dirty scrapped up knees and frizzy little head, would bob around the stacks. I could be found under any pile of world maps, Shel Silverstein books, and old issues of National Geographic. It was there I planned my new adventures of becoming a traveling poet in far away lands and it was there that I also found new interests. As an adult, not much has changed. I can still be found half buried in the non-fiction section of any library, planning new places to visit. In 2009, I put my day-dreaming into action: traveling to the Netherlands and a handful of countries in West Africa. The following year, I participated in an archaeological study, digging up new sites within the region. Shortly after that, I had made my way to explore the islands of the Bahamas. My new experiences are the first of many. In both my time working at Alden and The Plains Library, I found my travels useful on the job and comforting to work in such a public facility that was the foundation of my inspiration and adventures.