Curbside Service

No-contact Curbside Service at all 7 locations

How does curbside service work? You can still browse the library shelves via our online catalog! Call the libraries during regular hours to arrange pickup of materials that are listed as being at your local library, or items requested from other libraries that have already arrived for you. (Outdoor games in our collection are available for pickup at the Athens library.)

Once you’re at your local library, you’ll call again to let staff know you’re there, and we’ll either leave your items outside at a specified location or put them in your car.

Curbside computer use

Call the libraries during curbside hours to arrange use of a laptop computer in your vehicle! Library staff will hold your photo ID while you use the computer for up to three hours. Call the library when you are finished!

Please note that library staff members will not be able to provide in-depth assistance with the laptop computers. If you need additional help using the computer please arrange a remote Tech Help appointment.

Remote printing for curbside pick up

Read how to print your documents remotely. Then call your library during curbside hours to arrange pick up of your documents.

Other services at a distance:

Let’s help each other stay healthy, Athens County!