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Coolville library opened its first location in 1990 in a former Bank One donated to the system. Up until that point, the community received library service through a former bookmobile and OVAL Books by Mail. It’s been at its current location, another former bank, since 1999.


This library is a hub of community activity, hosting weekly classes from the nearby elementary, serving as a kind of off-site school library. Other regular programs include a monthly community potlucks using recipes from library magazines and seasonal craft workshops for adults.

The Coolville library also contributes to large community events, including the annual Founders Day celebrating the village’s historic roots and stories.

During growing season, you’ll sometimes find fresh, free produce from Community Food Initiatives’ Donation Station at this branch, which library visitors can pick up throughout the day.

For many years, library staff and dedicated volunteers have transformed the library into a themed, family-friendly, not-to-be-missed haunted house tour for one night in October, the branch’s biggest event of the year.

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