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      Choose the one that’s right for you.

* If you already have an account and need to renew it, or you need to replace a library card, call or visit your local library location.  

Full-access account

Available to anyone who resides in Ohio or neighboring counties in West Virginia who agrees to be responsible for loaned materials; this includes current college students.

  • To open a full-access account, you’ll need to visit one of our library locations in person.
  • Bring proof of address and a photo ID.
  • There’s no minimum age requirement, but a child under 18 getting an account needs to be present and will need a parent or guardian’s signature.

You’ll receive a physical card with this account. It can be used at any ACPL location, or to reserve items from our online catalog (which will be delivered to the library location of your choice). You’ll also have access to all eLibrary resources. 

Physical items available for free checkout include books (from our countywide system + libraries across the state); adult and kids’ bicycles; magazines; Kobo eReaders; WIFI hotspots (18 and older); board games, and more. No late fees! 

Note: The first time you use your full-access card, we ask that you limit checkouts to 5 items. After they’re returned, limits are as follows: no limits on books; 1 video game; 10 DVDs; 10 audiobooks and music albums on CD.

For more info on our checkout policy, click here

Limited-access account 

For those who don’t yet have proof of address or the signature of a responsible adult if under 18. 

This account allows you to access the eLibrary + check out up to five library items at a time. You’ll receive a physical card with this account and can upgrade to full access at any time in person by providing the needed documentation.

eLibrary account 

Available to those 18 years and older who reside in the state of Ohio or a neighboring county in West Virginia. 

Gives you instant access to our free online eLibrary resources: audiobooks, eBooks, digital magazines, research databases, online classes, streaming services, and digital downloads. You will NOT receive a physical card with this account. 

An eLibrary account can be upgraded by visiting a library location in person and providing the needed documentation. College students: When registering, use your current address, such as a dorm. If you upgrade your account, we’ll also ask for your permanent address. 

*Please Note:

  • If you already have an ACPL library account, you have access to the eLibrary and do not need to register for an eLibrary account. 
  • Make sure to write down your login info and card number found on the “Registration Complete” page; you will not get a follow-up message listing your card number, and you will need it to access online resources.  

Register for an eLibrary account.