Volunteer Week Thank You Highlights

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Thank You ACPL Volunteers!

All ACPL branches are made better and brighter by our many volunteers! From shelving and labeling books to planting flowers, every action makes an impact!

A few branch-specific thank you highlights from this year: 

“Our most loyal and loved volunteer, Sherrie Linton, works with us twice a week.  Her persistent good humor and willingness to take on repetitive tasks (genre stickering), detail work (storytime kit assembly), and messy things (kid crafting programs with paint!) are profoundly helpful in Nelsonville.  She is also an ace shelver, duster, and all around great spirit to have in our midst.  We are extremely grateful for her generous contribution of her time.”

“Thanks to Chauncey regular Amy Farnsworth, the garden strip on the north side of the building looks even better! Amy recently spent an afternoon clearing out the overgrown garden strip along the north side of the building and replanting it with perennials from her home garden.  We’re hoping that Amy and her son will continue working with us through the gardening season.

“[In Glouster] we are very fortunate to have several high school girls who pop in when they can to shelve books, do labelling or any other odd jobs we have for them.  They were a great help during the gingerbread house program, setting up for it and helping the kids with their creations. We are also very lucky to have Teresa and Amber, two sisters who have helped with several kids programs. And we have a lovely bunch of ‘lunch ladies’ who faithfully arrive every summer to help with the kids’ free lunches.  These ladies have been an excellent group on whom we can depend to make sure lunches go smoothly.”

“In Albany at Wells Public Library, four wonderful volunteers have led yoga classes for the last three+ years! They include Jen Mainelli, Jennifer Collins, Bill Fanning and Sharon Dunfee. A huge shout-out for their generosity!”

Proof that some of our volunteers have been with us for a while! This volunteer thank you plant used to be just as tiny as those in the box.

Find out how you can volunteer at your local library at https://www.myacpl.org/volunteer/.

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