Throwback Thursday — Life As a Kid

Posted January 21st, 2015. 1 comment

In 2002, ACPL was awarded a grant to purchase video cameras, microphones, lights, and iMacs for movie editing (cutting edge at the time!). The project was called “Life As A Kid: an oral history of Athens County” and involved volunteers interviewing their neighbors, friends and family about growing up in the area.

The cast of characters interviewed as part of the project:

The result was hours and hours of footage. Ultimately, each interview was edited down into a finished piece and made available for checkout. There was also a summary video produced of the project. It’s about an hour of tidbits grouped around common themes, like toys and games, food and clothing.

ACPL recently digitized the summary video and posted it on our YouTube channel. It’s fascinating to watch. There are fun tales from many familiar faces, including quite a few who are no longer with us. Take a look:

Mary Michael interviewed at The Plains Library in 2003.

“Life As a Kid” was a huge undertaking that involved grant money and significant support from many individuals and the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio Humanities Council, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission, the Ohio Community Computing Network, and the Appalachian Media Access Center.

Keep checking YouTube. We hope to have even more full interviews available in the coming months.

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  1. My father was interviewed for this project by my daughter. I cherish that recording. When he passed we showed it for his memorial. It helped us to remember him as his sweet vibrant self who enjoyed telling stories.

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