TBT: High School Football Season

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Now that all of the area’s schools are back in class, another high school football season is upon us. Another chance to get a varsity letter. A time to feel invincible and full of hope for the year.

For throwback Thursday, we dug up some team photos from old yearbooks (click on any image to see a bigger picture):

The Black and Red football team from the 1923 Athens High School Yearbook.

The Greyhounds (the Scarlet and Grey), Nelsonville High School from 1923.

Glouster High School’s 1931 Tomcats.

The Plains High School Blue and Gold Team from 1938.

The 1966 Chauncey-Dover Blue Devils.

The 1974 Federal Hocking Lancers.

The push across the state to consolidate in the 1960’s closed many of these schools and buildings. Athens, The Plains and Chauncey-Dover merged. Nelsonville and York became one in 1968. Federal Hocking took in Coolville and Amesville.

Alexander School District, formed in 1967, is a consolidation of Albany High School, Columbia High School and Shade and Waterloo schools. Albany had some sports teams under the name the Red Devils, but not football.

Today, Athens County has 5 distinct school districts with five different football teams. If you’re wanting to re-live some glory from years past or just want to watch some football, head out to a game. Here are the fall schedules:

Alexander Spartan’s Schedule

Athens Bulldog’s Schedule

Federal Hocking Lancers’ Schedule

Nelsonville-York Buckeye’s Schedule

Trimble Tomcat’s Schedule

The Athens Bulldog Varsity A, circa 2009. The Trimble Tomcat Varsity T, circa 2000.

Visit the library’s Flickr stream to see even more photos. Or, stop by the Local History room at the Nelsonville Public Library.

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