Stay Safe Online in the New Year

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Every new year, people make resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, read more, or improve their finances. As technology becomes more important, we should consider how we use it. So this year, lets resolve to improve our internet security. Here are three simple measures you can take to keep your information safe online, which is especially important in a public setting such as the library.

1. Dont let websites remember your password.

  • When you log in to websites such as Gmail, there is a box that is automatically checked allowing the computer to remember your information, so you can log in quicker the next time. It seems convenient, but if you share the device with anyone, they will also be able to access your account easily.

Don’t do it!

2. Create a password thats easy to remember, not easy to guess.

  • We all dread signing up for a new website, because its another password we have to remember. Im certain weve all created insecure passwords, because they are easy to remember. A secure password consists of lowercase and capital letters, numbers, and symbols. Try this: think of a word or phrase that you can remember with a capital letter and a number. Then add a symbol to the end of it. This will be your master password. Now, when you create an account on a new website, such as twitter, add the name of the website to the end of your password. Your password will be easy to remember, but different on every website. For example, your Twitter password could be Puppie$@Twitter and Gmail could be Puppie$@Gmail . Easy to remember and secure.

3. Always log out when youre finished.

  • Youve already made sure not to save your passwords, but if you forget to log out, the next user can still access your information. It doesnt matter how strong your password is, if another user can access your account without it. After checking your email or bank balance, always be sure to log out and close the browser.

Always click “Log Out.”

Make this the year you keep your information safe and continue learning about the devices we use on a daily basis. For more tips, advice, and computer help, visit your local branch of the Athens County Public Libraries.

Shaila Lias, a Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorp member will be offering individual computer help and classes in the new year. For more information, email or call (740) 753-2118.

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