Spring Cleaning with Wright State Idealists

Posted May 5th, 2015. 1 comment

For the past few years, the library has been fortunate to have student volunteers (and staff) from Wright State University’s Service Learning and Civic Engagement Office. Last year they spruced up the Wells Library’s community garden; two years ago they helped re-set the Glouster Library; and, the year before that, they helped re-arrange the entire Athens Library adult collection (no small feat!).

       Future teachers Jenna and Rachel with Lauren, ACPL library director, and Maureen Barry, Wright State's Service Learning Librarian.

Future teachers Jenna and Rachel with Lauren, ACPL library director, and Maureen Barry, Wright State’s Service Learning Librarian.

Volunteers spend the week housed as Good Works and branch out from there to work in all corners of the county. This year, the library used the extra hands to do some long-overdue clearing out at the main library in Nelsonville. With three floors, it’s easy to just keep pushing stuff farther back into the corners of the basement. We recycled an amazing amount and simply pitched the rest. From broken chairs to treasures, the piles were astonishing.

Just some of the reycling!

Among the treasures, we found a sign that retired-Librarian Rose reports used to hang on the square in Nelsonville:

We also found a semi-rare salt-glazed brick that, according to the history of Nelsonville’s kilns, was used primarily in slaughterhouses:

The relationship we have with Wright State has been very fruitful and meaningful. We hope it continues well into the future!

One comment on “Spring Cleaning with Wright State Idealists”

  1. Hi, What are you going to do with all that brick? I am in the process of assembling as many varieties of Nelsonville brick that I can find. there are more than you know.
    Do you want to have a complete collection at the library or do you want the bricks at all?


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