Lunch Heroes — Glouster Public Library

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Since 1997, ACPL has offered a free lunch program for kids ages 1 to 18. This summer, the program included Glouster, Nelsonville, Chauncey and the Wells Library in Albany. ACPL wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of great volunteers. We’d like to recognize Janice, Misty, Mallory, and Alexis, volunteers from the Glouster Public Library:

Janice, Misty, Mallory and Alexis GPL free lunches 2015

These volunteers love their library and their dedication to the community was recognized by the kids, too. One young lunch patron said he especially appreciated the volunteers cutting his oranges into wedges!

We asked the volunteers to tell us something fun about themselves. Take a guess who:

  • visited Alaska
  • white water rafted
  • reads Robin Carr’s books
  • enjoys the conversations kids have when they don’t know anyone is listening!

If you want to know the answers ask one of these great volunteers next time you see her. And, be sure to thank her for donating time to the library!

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